Latoya Henry-Morrison

Latoya Henry-Morrison

board certified psychiatric mental health practitioner

I am Latoya Henry-Morrison a board certified psychiatric mental health practitioner that is experienced in the management of patients with varying mental and behavioral health needs, from all ages and stages of development, across the lifespan. My background as a professional registered Nurse has equipped me with the relevant prerequisites of a nurturer which I believe is one of the most important attributes that aids patients in achieving their individual health goals sooner. I am a compassionate, caring and empathetic individual who strives to be a voice for the voiceless and advocate for those who need guidance towards gaining and sustaining optimal baseline health. 

I am and will be the provider that does not just hear but actively listens and develop a plan relevant to my clients needs to bring them to a place of optimal health or to where they feel comfortable enough being their best self. I have an unmatched skill in looking beyond the diagnosis and seeing the individual, with the knowledge and constant reminder that each individual is unique and needs personalized assistance towards getting to their baseline state of well being. Let me be the person to listen, hear and develop a plan of care with you at the forefront inorder to take you to that place of achieving a healthy mind.





Client Focus


Children (6 to 10), Preteen, Teen, Adults, Elders (65+)

I also speak



Individuals, Family


Black and African American, Hispanic and Latino


Bisexual Allied, Body Positivity, Cancer, Gay Allied, HIV / AIDS Allied, Lesbian Allied, Little Person Allied, Queer Allied, Racial Justice Allied, Single Mother, Transgender Allied, Veterans